custom furniture San Antonio, TX
custom furniture Redding, CA
interior design San Antonio, TX
interior design Redding, CA
vintage furniture San Antonio, TX
vintage furniture Redding, CA
custom furniture San Antonio, TX
custom furniture Redding, CA


One-of-a-Kind  Custom Furniture 
For San Antonio, TX & Redding, CA
interior design San Antonio, TX
Design is all about creating something new and beautiful, taking ideas and motifs from the past and reinventing them for the new era. At ReNewal Home Décor, we provide one-of-a-kind, high-quality vintage furniture designs and home décor inspired by the past with vision for the future and today's aesthetics. Our In Stock Chair Collection represents the creations of our lead designer, Heather Helseth, which are preassembled and ready to ship to your home or office. Other collections feature designs that have already sold but can still be remade for curious customers. We can also do custom furniture design for a special, unique piece that is perfect for your specific tastes in décor, or interior design for your whole space. It all starts with a phone call or e-mail! Contact us today to get a truly magnificent piece of custom furniture that’s perfect for your space. We serve many areas from San Antonio, TX to Redding, CA and more!
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We also stock vintage furniture and offer interior design services

Our In Stock Collection features beautiful pieces designed by our lead designer that have already been constructed and are ready for shipping. This option offers an easy selection for our customers. 

Existing custom designs that have been sold are also posted online for order, though those orders may take longer for reconstruction. Timeframes vary depending on the particular design, demand, and seasonality.

We can also customize a new design for your space, one perfect for your particular décor! Call or e-mail us today to speak with a representative and get started on designing your special piece. We are also excited to offer you interior design services to go along with your new piece.

Every piece we sell, regardless of the design, is created with reclaimed and salvaged materials, resulting in hundreds of one-of-a-kind designs, each with its own unique history and individuality. Know that when working with ReNewal Home Décor, you are making a great choice for the environment too! Choose us for vintage furniture and interior design today!


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