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Home decor designs of San Antonio
At ReNewal Home Décor, we work to provide you with stylish one-of-a-kind furniture that will turn heads and start conversations. Our combination of classic and contemporary designs with quality materials and repurposed elements makes our pieces not only great for your home, but great for the environment as well. We offer stock designs selected from our highly sought-after collections, and also do custom orders.
Heather Helseth
Heather Helseth

Heather has specialized in creating furniture designs and interior designs for clients all across America. ReNewal Home Décor is an opportunity to combine her appreciation of classic styles with new designs, and help clients make the home of their dreams.

Heather has a Bachelor’s in Art Studies and a background in interior design that allows her to draw from a wide artistic repertoire. Her phenomenal skills in metal smithing, jewelry design, and welding are what make the furniture as beautiful as it is.
Erek Helseth
Erek Helseth
Husband / Photographer

Erek, Heather’s husband, works as ReNewal Home Décor’s photographer. His creative skills in the medium are what bring the pieces to life for the clients before they see them in real life, and are what help push the aesthetic of Heather’s designs.
Jean Godfrey
Jean Godfrey
Mother-In-Law / Chief Financial Officer

Jean is the organizational force behind ReNewal Home Décor, keeping track of receipts and invoices, order numbers, style numbers, and fabric sheets. She also handles the art of record keeping for our small business.

Heather extends a special thank you to her friends and family for helping to grow her dream and bring her designs to life.
Manny & Salvador:

Upholstery Experts - 

Manny & Salvador started collaborating with ReNewal Home Décor in March 2013 to help meet increasing demand. Their 15+ years of upholstery experience, attention to detail and time management skills have made them a valued member of my team.
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