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Antonio, TX

About San Antonio

San Antonio is the seventh most populated city in the United States and, considered to be one of the fastest growing of all the major cities in the country, is a bustling hub of fashion, culture, art, and business. With over 31 higher-education institutions, San Antonio is finding rapid growth in its youthful population, young families, and startup businesses.  As this demographic increases, the feel of the city changes and a heightened appreciation for the arts, increased diversity, and fondness of culture are palpable.

Custom & Vintage Furniture

Whether you are new to the San Antonio area, or just want to add a vintage look to your home, we have the furniture options for you. The team makes a number of vintage style pieces ranging from sofas to accent chairs to love seats locally for San Antonio residents. If you want something with a similar look but a little bit more customized, we offer custom furniture options for you as well. When you pick a custom option, we will work with you to ensure everything fits your vision and specifications perfectly. 

Experienced Interior Designer

The interior design of a space can have incredible effects on not only the feel of the room, but also the mood of the people who are in it, and even the value of your home.   Whether you are building a home from scratch, or simply need someone to redecorate your existing setup, the team at ReNewal Home Décor are here to help! Our experienced interior designer will work with you to give your space the look and feel that you envision and more!
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