At ReNewal Home Decor our first priority is to provide you one of a kind, high quality, vintage industrially inspired designs.  Our In Stock Chair Collection features my designs that are completed and ready to ship to your home or office.  My other collections feature my designs that have sold but that are available to be remade or I can custom design the perfect chair to fit your decor.  ReNewal Home Decor has a unique design just for you.  Let me know what you are looking for!


Heather Helseth



As an Interior Designer I have specialized in creating home designs for clients up and down the west coast.  As the furniture designer for ReNewal Home Decor I am able to combine my love for all things old, with my love for industrial modern design.  Through ReNewal Home Decor I am now able to reach clients throughout the nation.


My background in Interior Design as well as my Bachelor's degree in Art Studies provides me with a broad art base.  My love of metal smithing, jewelry design, and welding combine to provide a diverse set of skills to draw from to create my designs.

Erek Helseth
Husband / Photographer
I'm a lucky lady for sure! Not only do I have a wonderful husband, he also happens to be a talented photographer.  While photography is not his profession, it is his creative outlet and Im blessed to have him available to take pictures of my designs.
Jean Godfrey
Mother-in-law / "CFO"
My wonderful mother-in-law Jean keeps me organized.  Those mountains of receipts, are now neatly organized and categorized into reports which make sense, and gives order to my creative mind that can't remember numbers.  She is my unofficial "CFO"

It takes a family to grow a business..


It is said it takes a village to raise a child....well here at ReNewal Home Décor it takes a FAMILY to run and grow a business.  While I am still and will always be the sole creative driving force behind my business, I would be remiss if I did not tell you about all that goes into my design process and my wonderful family who helps me along the way. 

My background in interior design, art, & sustainability have really shaped my focus and mission for my business.  ReNewal Home Décor was started with an idea in mind.... A brand where customers could find unique handmade furniture designs that could be customized to their décor. With a flair for mixing fabrics, texture and color, with vintage roots and sustainability in mind.  All of my designs are created from vintage frames that I find all over TX and transform with the help of local artisans.  I now have three upholstery companies that I have partnered with to bring my designs and vision for unique furniture to life.  Once I find the frame, and decide on the fabric combination and fabric placement I work with Salvador or Manny to make my design a reality.  This wonderful collaboration brings together years of expertise and talent and pours it into every piece I design.  My emphasis on high quality, customer satisfaction, creativity, & unique designs is seen in every design I create and will remain the guiding force in the future. All designs are hand made and support independant American small companies for our upholstery line.  Thus working to grow our economy one project at a time.

Now I can toot the horn of my wonderful, supportive family who has helped me immensely as my business continues to grow.  My family acts as my volunteer army and steps in to lighten my load so I have time to do things like sleep and see my kids from time to time.  My talented husband Erek has a passion for landscape & wildlife photography and I am blessed to have him available to photograph my furniture when its completed, so I can show you all the fruits of my labor in style.

Many of you had the pleasure of meeting my dad Len as he delivered your chairs as part of the white glove delivery. He worked along side me for the past year and a half, and now has retired in his home town in sunny Northern California. He can now be found on the golf course or relaxing in the evening with a glass of wine. His hard work and sunny disposition was a great help and greatly appreciated. He will now cheer me on from California. As a result my chairs will now be shipped via national freight carriers with delivery to your front door still included.

My mother-in-law Jean is my unofficial CFO...unofficial because its a volunteer position, but she has proven herself invaluable in keeping my creative brain organized. Those piles of receipts from all the supplies that are needed to create my furniture line are now neatly organized, evaluated and reported.  Every creative person like me needs a Jean to make sense of those pesky numbers that I can never seem to remember.  She is also one of my biggest cheerleaders and I'm blessed to have her in my corner!

Thank you to my supportive family and friends for helping grow my dream and make my dreams reality.

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